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  1. My Mom grew up in Killamarsh (born 1924). She later emigrated to SA, where I live currently (I’m her daughter). I remember her telling me how she worked in a sweet shop in Killamarsh when she was about 15 or 16 years old. At 17 she joined the WAFFS and served during WW II. So nice to see pics like this. She lived at Bridge street.

  2. We have been given the following information about this photograph.

    Doris Mallender outside her shops. The one on the left was a vegetable shop which she kept. The one on the right a sweet shop run by her sister Kitty, built by their father in 1901.
    The shops had to be 8 feet from the highway. Godber’s property on the east, Leah’s on the south and J. & G. Wells on the west.

  3. The Kwik Kopy shop is on the left of the photo, previously “Steele & Co”” estate agents, at an earlier time “Baumforth’s ” electrical and on the right is now “Summer Palace” chinese takeaway, previously a frozen food shop and before that in the mid ’70’s a launderette/dry cleaners. I always understood the sisters to be called Doris and Kitty and the sign over the window on the right does say “Mallender”

  4. this was herbert mallenders shop his 2 sisters lived with himhe was a green i grocer i think this sister was called maureen the left hand side is the quick copy

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