Would you like to congratulate someone in Killamarsh on a special event or an achievement.

This could be gaining a Degree or passing exams or getting that special job.

Or perhaps they have a special birthday, wedding or anniversary.

If there is anything you would like to include please email the details to or send to Killamarsh Heritage Society, 15 Manor Road, Killamarsh, S21 1BU.  Include a photograph if possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.



David Dennis


CONGRATULATIONS TO DIANE AND DAVID BROOKFIELD for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary on 5th July 2015.


CONGRATULATIONS TO JEAN AND ROY BATTY for their Golden Wedding Anniversary – 3rd July 2015.


CONGRATULATIONS TO GLADYS MANTLE (nee WHITE) on her 90th birthday on Thursday 31st July.



Above:  Gladys and also with Stacey her grand-daughter.



who has passed the first year of her Adult Nursing Degree.

Angie was on kidney dialysis for 8 years and subsequently had a transplant.  She has given us her thoughts in the letter below.

 Angela Dornan
Someone said to me when I started on dialyse that “you should dialyse to live, not live to dialyse.”  I kept that with me through the whole 8 years of dialysis, especially as by the 7th year I wholly believed I would never get a transplant.  I did a university course (being on dialysis made sure I had plenty of study time!), and we made sure we went on holiday every year. There are plenty of places in the UK  that offer dialysis away from home.
I got my transplant after 8 years and I met someone recently who dialysed for 11 years before she got hers; so there is still hope if you are on dialysis and have been for a while. When I got my transplant, I decided to do everything I had always wanted to do as I felt I had been given a second chance; so I applied for my nursing degree – first year passed successfully!! – and a motorbike!
I had lots of support from my friends and family to get through the whole thing.  If you haven’t got that support and would like someone to talk to, drop Pat a line . She knows how to get in touch, and I’ll give you a ring.
Thanks,    Angie Dornan


HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY – 15th August 2013


A very happy 60th Birthday to Joan Talbot (nee Mantle).  We hope you have a really lovely day.

From everyone at Killamarsh Heritage Society.



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