11 thoughts on “These ladies organised the party for the children of Norwood to Celebrate VE Day 1945. Are you one of the children

  1. Thankyou so much for replying , I have only just seen it, would love the photo, thankyou . Kind Regards Jenny

  2. 3rd lady on left back row is my Grandmother, Nellie Taylor. The young girl Nellie is holding is my Mother Carmen Lane. Lovely pic

  3. I would love to have a copy of this photo as I have none of my Gramar Laws when she was younger. please can you let me know how. Many Thanks. I now live in Western Australia’

      • Thank you so much for replying ,I have only just seen this after getting in touch with you 2years ago, I sit and browse thru and it is so nice , my address is 6,Strathmore Cl, Perth, Western Australia 6171, Kind Regards Jennifer Hazzard (Dopson)

  4. The lady 3rd from the left is my grandma, Nellie Taylor holding (I presume) my Aunty Carmen. A friend has just sent me the link to this website and imagine my surprise when the first photo I look at has my lovely grandma looking back at me! Some of the names above I remember hearing about when I was growing up and visiting my grandparents at Norwood Crescent. This picture has made my day! Thank you!

  5. Thought I recognised my Gramar, Edith Laws. I never stop looking at the photos as I get a great thrill finding my rellies, Thank you for a wonderful job you all have done in getting this precious time in all our lives recorded in our love for our Killamarsh.

  6. I have received an email from Maureen Marsh putting names to the ladies on the above photograph (names given by Margaret Collins)

    Back Row (left to right) Betty Spooner, Winnie Watson, Child ??, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Brownlow, Child ??, Voilet Brookfield, Mrs Fox, Mrs Watts, Mrs Stapes, Mrs Bingham
    Middle Row (left to right) Mrs Jennings, Child ??, Ria Vaughan, Mrs Taylor, Child ?? Mrs Gaye, Mrs Burton, Mrs Whitlam, Mrs Barker, Mrs Jones, Mrs Thornelow
    Front Row seated (left to right) ??, Child ??, Nellie Longden, Mrs Milner, Mrs Broofield, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Laws, Mrs Pearson

    • Front row left side seated missing person is Mrs Bessie Roberts and her daughter Winifred. The children in the middle row are Ria Vaughen’s twins.

    • Hi
      Could you please tell me the Christian name of Mrs Fox,as she may be my great grandmother,who was married to John Joseh Fox

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