6 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary Modern School – Intermediate Football Team 1957-58 (Photo courtesy of David Drakett)

  1. Anyone got any phot’s of Killamanrsh Church football team. My dad, David Morris, born 1933 played for them. I see these team phot’s on here and wonder if there is any photo evidence of these lads.
    Also, any phots of the canal just below Norwood, when the tar works was still there. I remember when the canal was empty but still there, went under the bridge towards Worksop and bent away the the right round toward what is now Rother Valley country park. With both my parents now passed away I have only memories, any phot’s my dad may have had have long sonce disappeared in others hands. Hope someone can help. Thanks

  2. hi everybody, does anybody have photos me in a killamarsh football team?.school,juniors or nags head. thanks.mick weston.

  3. My maiden name was Janet Higginbottom I lived on Nether Avenue and went to Killamarsh Secondary Modern School between 1958-63, Ted Lound was the PE teacher then, also Ted Lound came to a reunion of ours a few years ago at the West End Pub, with Terry Ellin PE teacher, Mrs Riley Needlework, Mr Martin Geography he was 90 then, I believe he died last year. Lesley Jackson worked at Bramah’s when I did I think my dad Albert Higginbottom was his foreman, Alan Storey lived on Kirkcroft Lane and used to come down to the wreck to the swings and we all used to meet there, Hilda Hancock and Colin, me and Mick Luck always begged to differ at school, they were really good times, I know all their names, but they were a couple of years older than me, maybe about 2 years. I live at Stradbroke nr Woodhouse, every year I hold a reunion at Christmas, the last few years we have held it at the Crown on Kirkcroft Lane,
    Terry Ellin, Alan Armstrong, ann Louder, Barry Morris, Phillip Burgess, Mrs Riley, Rodney Childs, Les Laycock, Margaret Childs, Terry Adair, Stuart Tyas there are about 14 of us meet up every year its good. We are all keeping well if any old faces would like to come and join us you are only too welcome. These pictures are a blast from the past brill.

    • when will the next one be, please? I remember all of the people mentioned above and would like to come along. Regards to all John

  4. Killamarsh Secondary Modern School – Intermediate Football Team 1957-58
    Back Row: Graham Waite, John Morris, Alan Storey, Ted Lound (Sports Master), David Drakett, Trevor Arthur, John Green
    Front Row: Michael Staniforth, Michael Luck, Les Jackson, Keith Wheelhouse, Frank Waller.

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