School Queens Crowned at Killamarsh July 7th 1950 – Four Queens – Left to Right – Carmine Taylor, Gillian Laycock, Margaret Shimwell and Wendy Royston (Photo courtesy of David Drakett)

One thought on “School Queens Crowned at Killamarsh July 7th 1950 – Four Queens – Left to Right – Carmine Taylor, Gillian Laycock, Margaret Shimwell and Wendy Royston (Photo courtesy of David Drakett)

  1. Article from the Derbyshire Times – Friday July 7th 1950
    The four ‘Queens’ seated (left to right are: Carmen Taylor, Gillian Laycock, Margaret Shimwell and Wendy Royston.
    How children can help the aged of the parish was in evidence at Killamarsh Secondary Modern School on Wednesday, on the occasion of the crowning of the four school ‘Queens’. The Hall was packed to capacity and Mrs J.W. Sadler (Chairman of the School Managers) presided. The proceeds, she explained, were for Killamarsh Old Folk’s summer treat fund, and it was pleasing to see how the children could play their part in helping the old people to have a good time in their declining years. Referring to a repeat performance on Wednesday next, Mrs Sadler remarked that the proceeds would provide the old people with an outing by motor-coaches into the Peak District. During August the committee was to organise a fancy dress parade and gala which, she hoped would be the biggest event of the year in the parish, and this would provide the aged with a tea at a future date.
    As the ‘Queens’, each with her retinue walked to the centre of the hall to a dais for the crowning, a fanfare of trumpets was sounded by Mr Carl Shimwell and Miss Yvonne Gordon of Killamarsh Silver Band. The crowing of the Killamarsh Endowed School ‘Queen’ was performed by a retired member of the staff, Miss G H Hardy, who placed the crown on Wendy Royston. Her attendants were Jean Tongue, Janet Gascoigne, Anne Hipkiss, June Storey, Jacqueline Royston and Isabel Verdon, with Albert Standall and Howard Hales as page boys.
    Mrs W Fox crowned the Killamarsh County Infants School ‘Queen’ Carmen Taylor, who was attended by Jean Walker, Betty Whitfield, Pauline Hoult, Jane Spooner, Wendy Goodwin, Jean Thornilow, Irene Goodwin and Linda Clarke, with Alan Wombell and David Drakett as page boys, and
    Mrs A Hayes crowned the Killamarsh County Junior Mixed School ‘Queen’ Gillian Laycock, who was attended by Janet Hoult, Annetta Froggatt, Norma Childs, Margaret Wells, Sylvia Cockrane and June Robinson.
    The final crowning was by Mrs W Morris, Churchtown, of the Killamarsh Secondary Modern School ‘Queen’ Margaret Shimwell, who had as her retinue Joan Cooke, Margaret Flint, Ruth Morris, Maureen Watson, Shirley Newton and June Herring.
    Those who performed the crowning ceremonies presented their respective ‘Queens’ with a memento of the occasion, and in turn the ‘Queens’ presented bouquets.
    Mr H Seaton, Headmaster of Killamarsh Secondary Modern School complimented the committee on the venture, and announced that the scholars of his school were presenting a play “Toad Hall” at the school in July.
    A musical programme was given by Andy and Dick (Sheffield), Doreen Kay (Sheffield), Isabel McCullock (Sheffield), Wilf Manfield (Dinnington) and Jackie Wood (Kiveton Park) with Mr Alf Tracey (Kiveton Park) as accompanist. Mr J Baker was Chairman.
    Thanks were voiced by Mr T Burton and for the finale the ‘Queens’ and their retinues formed a picturesque group on the stage, while children of Killamarsh County Infants School sang a song, followed by the singing of ‘Bless this House’ by Mr Wilf Manfield.

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