8 thoughts on “Killamarsh Junior School About 1931-1932. See names below. Photo courtesy of Charlie and Doreen Wheelhouse (nee Windle)

  1. Great to see my dad NORMAN BURDETT in the photo, third row last far right he his 90 years old and was over the moon seeing his old school friends hope to hear from anyone who knows norman BURDETT

    • I looked at the pic closely to see if maybe my Mom was on there. She grew up in Killamarsh (born Feb 1924). Lived in Bridge street. Her name was Betty Buckley.

    • Hi Lynda its good to know people who have left Killamarsh are finding themselves or relatives in these old photo’s. Your dad may remember one of his class mates by the name of Ron Wells. A few weeks ago Ron celebrated his 90th birthday and I was lucky enough to be there. We had a lovely day reminiscing and as I keep in regular contact with him I will ask if he remembers your dad. He lives in Louth now with his wife Doris and both are doing pretty good for their age. There is a list of names under the picture so you will see Ron and believe it or not he is still recognisable from the photo after all these years. A couple of kids to the left is my uncle Brian Gascoigne who was cousin to Ron sadly gone as is most of the pupils but I will mention your dad to Ron next time visit. Keep looking you may find someone else as new photo’s keep coming in. Janet Heritage group member

  2. Most of the child could be related to each other by bloodline or marriage. Burdett relate to Northridge and widdowson, Roddy relate to Deakin and Mather, Dixon relate to Deakin and Longden, Mangham relate to Smedley and Mallender, Coggin and Newton relate to many.

  3. Killamarsh Junior Schol about 1931-1932.
    Back row (left to right): Ron Watson, Len Walker, Eileen White, Eric Newton, Joan Dixon, Mervin Pillinger, Jarvis Woolley, Joan Wright, Eric Walton, Irene Turton.
    Second row (left to right): Mrs Jones, Doris Banks?, ‘Billy’ Ken Mangham, Frank Holden, George Childs, Derek Thorpe, Bessie Bright, Eric Whitely, Cyril Perkins, ??, Joan Adams, Nora Speed.
    3rd Row (left to right): Alf Hobson, Doris Lawton, Jack Roddy, Alan Cutts, Brian Gascoine, Nora Coggin? Ron Wells, Doris Bentley, Collin Gay, Norman Burdett.
    4th row (left to right): Betty Burdett, Aneata Mills, Veronica Wheelhouse, Iris Pashley, Unice Bennett, Don Nettleship, Collin Webster, John Fells (kneeling).
    5th row – sitting (left to right): Joyce Burdett, Harry Bartholomew, Charlie Hibbard, Frank Taylor, Albert Laws, Dennis Warwick, Una Batty, Ray Hughes.

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