7 thoughts on “A Windle family wedding. Photo courtesy of Charlie & Doreen Wheelhouse (nee Windle)

  1. David

    Your Dad was Colin and you lived at Clowne

    Eva Doreen Windle (Known as Doreen) would like to hear from you

  2. George Windle is my grandfather. He married Elizabeth Froggatt. My mother was Gladys Windle, cousin to Doreen. Great photo.

    • yes i was bridesmaid to your mum, 2nd row down L /R is cousin Lily 4th one on 6th is her brother George, next row R /L 8 ‘n’ 9 aunt Sally and hubby 4th row nan ‘n’ grandad Windle next is aunt Mary Jane uncle Albert on the end front row R/L aunty Edith uncle Alberts wife the bridesmaid cousin Ivy uncle Bill bride aunty Hannah groom uncle Billy my mum Eva ‘n’ dad Herbert i can’t make out uncle George and aunty Nellie and uncle Tom aunt Mary Janes hubby

  3. Whose wedding is this? I recognise a number of people in the photograph but not the bride and groom. The guy to the left of the groom wearing a bow tie is my grandad George Windle. The guy to the right of the bride is Billy Windle. Nellie And Maggie Windle are also in the photograph.

    • David
      I’m Maxines mam the person you say is your grandad is my dad mam is the bridesmaid at his side your dad was Colin wasn’t he not clever on computer

    • David
      we are still in same place just moved up above old house in a bungalow you will see iv’e tried to explain who is on aunty Hannah’s wedding photo which i sent on cousin Kath’s i’m not very good on computer but i try charlie is in his 92nd year

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