2 thoughts on “Dr Murray with Elsie Armstrong in 1942.

  1. I remember Doctor Murray, when I had to go for a test he said “how tall are you? I replied 5ft 7ins, he said “Never ! stand up. My god you are!.

  2. Elsie was my father’s eldest sister. She worked at the Sheffield Post Office & met my Uncle Jim Renshaw whilst working there. Lived many years on Primrose Lane before moving to Dore Sheffield. Lived her last years at Denver Sluice Downham Market Norfolk. Always the lady my childhood memories were of Auntie serving me scrambled eggs & me being instructed on the use of a linen napkin rolled in a solid silver ring! I was in short trousers & had never experienced anything like that before.

    Doctor Murray lived also on Primrose Lane at Lock House. He had a Rover car that he left parked on the brow of Lock Hill usually in the middle of the road with keys in. His land was home to noisy geese that daily held up traffic. Woe betide anyone that caused hurt or damage to his pets. He was a good doctor & I had treatment from him at 18 mths. of age for consumption of the lungs. Without his care I would not be writing this story. His daily visits to Wales Bar ensured I survived.
    He was travelling through Eckington one day when my Dad’s youngest brother Albert was waiting at a bus stop. Doctor stopped the car & told the queue of people that my uncle used to steal his plums!! My uncle was a family man at this time & so embarrassed by this revelation to all & sundry. Doctor then drove away without offering him a lift.

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