2 thoughts on “Wedding of Cyril Wilson and Doris Gascoigne. See note below. Photo courtesy of David Nicholls.

  1. Back row – Frederick Wilson, Fred Robinson(best man) Cyril & Doris Wilson, Charles Gasoigne, Mr & Mrs Sweeting
    Front row – Lily Gascoigne, Bernice Yeardley, Leslie Gascoigne, Nellie Gascoigne, Alice Wilson & Brian Jones.

  2. The wedding of Cyril Wilson and Doris Gascoigne.
    Back row – left to right: ??, ??, Cyril Wilson, Doris Gascoigne, Charles Gascoigne, Mr and Mrs Wilson Snr.
    Front row – left to right: Lily Gascoigne, ??, ??, Nellie Gascoigne, ??, ??.

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