3 thoughts on “Waleswood Curve Railway Tunnel – Commissioned in 1897 – Closed in 1966 (Courtesy of J Batterham)

  1. Waleswood Curve did indeed have a short tunnel,not to be confused with the nearby Norwood Tunnel that ran under the modern day M1 into the colliery.

  2. Since writing the previous comment, I have since scrutinised the Kiveton Society’s website. This states that there was indeed a short tunnel on the Waleswood curve. So Mr Batterham is probably correct in ascribing the location of the tunnel to being on the Waleswood curve.

  3. Mr Batterham
    Could I ask whether the tunnel was on the Killamarsh West/Norwood Line to Kiveton Bridge rather than the Waleswood line? An 1″ OS map from the 60s does not show a tunnel on the Waleswood Curve line but does shows a tunnel on the former line to Kiveton. The tunnel concerned would be about 100x north of the Norwood Canal tunnel.

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