6 thoughts on “Rev F.J. Metcalfe with Thomas Dobson and Moss Coggan. Photo courtesy of V. Hopkinson

  1. Then this Thomas is a descendant of Thomas [gt grandfather] The strange thing is I ‘knew’ of the connection but only in recent years followed up my family tree. During the 1940’s on a camping holiday to Cromer, I met and befriended Alma Coggan who was daughter of Thomas Coggan [Hauliers] presumably the same, at which time I had no idea of the Dobson connection to me, or the subsequent Dobson/Coggan connection. Small world! Presume then this is Thomas No.3 X

  2. Thomas Dobson, Farmer Innkeeper of the Boatman Inn, Norwood in 1871.
    Born 1818 married Mary [nee White] my great grandmother. Their children were Agnes, Thomas and Maria. Thomas’ marriage to Mary was his second
    marriage. My cousin Mary remembers visiting Aunt Maria who during the
    1920/30’s still lived at Norwood. Born in 1939 I was too young to remember her but heard about her, not so much Thomas. Agnes lived at the Boatman Inn after her marriage to my grandfather Thomas Cooke and their first child, Frederick was tragically drowned in the canal. Thomas Dobson marriage was 24th October 1868 to Mary and his first wife was Mary Robinson, Gainsboro – their marriage was 2nd October 1842. As to the photo superb but which Thomas do we have here The above is factual as in Thomas senior’s
    will both Mary and Agnes are mentioned several times.

  3. Clara Emma Oldale, uncle was Richard Wilfred Walker, School teacher, shop owner and land owner. Richard daughter was called Isaline, family friend and neighbour.

    • Isaline Maria Elizabeth Walker 1892-1980, married John E Booth.
      It is possible that John E Booth was related to Maria Dobson nee Booth.

  4. Thomas Dobson born 1893, Killamarsh, son of Thomas Dobson and Maria nee Booth. Maurice Coggan born 1892, Killamarsh, son of Robert Coggan and Clara Emma nee Oldale.

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