2 thoughts on “Photo taken at the Co-op Hall. SEE NOTE BELOW. (Photograph courtesy of Janet Morgan (nee Higginbottom)

  1. This photograph was taken at the Co-op Hall. We used to go on Friday nights because Dave Berry used to be on. It was great.
    At the interval we used to call in the Birley Pub.
    On the left is my long standing friend Hilda Hancock.
    I’m in the middle (Janet Morgan nee Higginbottom), and Hazel Drakett is at the end.
    I don’t know the name of the girl who is in between us, or any of the others you can see.

    • We still catch up with Dave Berry at the Embassy in Skegness spoken to him a few times about his venues near us.I remember Janet (higginbottom that was )_had a lovely powerful voice.I remember her singing The valley of echoes at school and she was brilliant

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