2 thoughts on “Photo shows buildings on Sheffield Road. See note below. Photo courtesy of Charlie and Doreen Wheelhouse (nee Windle)

  1. The land all the people are standing on became Ford’s garage. There was a public toilet at the side of the mission hut and because of the turrets around the top it was known as the castle. The area now is yet another housing estate and all the properties bar one across the road have new houses. The one remaining is now the vets.

  2. Gala on land overlooking Sheffield Road.

    Old Mission Room on left. During the War we could get a good dinner.
    Reg Marshall’s grocery shop on the right. In 1940 – 60s my dad had his butcher’s business in the block on left where the person is stood. To the right was Holts Wine. When they close Joe and Kath Batty ran greengrocery. The shop next to Dad’s was Jack Higgs. He cut men’s hair and mended watches. The next was a fish and chip shop but I don’t know who ran it.

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