2 thoughts on “Members & Friends of Killamarsh Congregational Church 1953

  1. The gentleman front row, far left was my grandad, George Harold Drakett. He lived in Sheffield Road, Killamarsh. Lovely to see him again.

  2. Names given for photograph:

    Mrs Ruth Batty, Billy Lawson, Henry Taylor, Wm Henry Taylor, Miss Joyce Fells, Mrs Winifred Holden, Mr Tucker

    Miss Emma Kirkham, Mrs Evelyn Milner, Mrs Alison Tucker, Miss Maud Childs, Mrs W H Taylor, Colin Hopkinson, Vincent Hopkinson

    Mr Arthur Watson, Mrs Maggie Watson, Mrs Janet Hopkinson, Rev Fred Mares, Mrs Harriet Bailey, Harold Hopkinson, Mrs Rose Burton, Herbert Taylor,
    Fred Childs, Miss Lily Bailey

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