8 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary School U15s. Roy Middleton on back row. Photo courtesy of Roy Middleton.

  1. I was captain of that team with ball at my feet. I played professionally for Rotherham U on leaving school & Chesterfield but broken ankle ended my footballing days at 20yrs old

    • I was always envy of your skill but perhaps more so, your bravery.

      All these years later I can still remember you scoring a flying header – you were horizontal heading the ball from a right wing cross at the top of the sloping field. Terrific goal … I hope you can remember it.

      • Dont remember the goal at all Eric , scored loads of goals & only remember 2, diving header in the snow against Huddersfield & a 30 yd left foot volley into the roof of the net against Grimsby all at under 21 level. Anyway Eric you appear to be the guy whos keeping this site ticking over . One of our old teachers(Tom Sayer) once said you’ll always remember your school days & its true.What a weird feeling I had seeing all the old school photos I wanted to place myself back in time & be with the people as they were then.Its 52 yrs ago (a lifetime) some have probably passed away unfortunately,I know Alec Moore, George Longdon ,Brenda Limb & Michael Bright are no longer with us.

  2. I can remember Alec Moore bless him he sadly got killed in a pit accident at Westhorpe Colliery

  3. Killamarsh Secondary Modern School U15s Soccer Team. Season 1964/65
    Top Row – 1 Clive Bright, 2 Roy Middleton 3 Jimmy Batterham 4 Mr R H Reid Head Master & Coach 5 David Hallam 6 David Barlow

    Bottom Row – 7 Alec Moore 8 Roger Rutland 9 Jack Cartwright? 10 Stephen Hall 11 Evan Davies 12 Stephen Cartwright 13 David Hodkin

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