5 thoughts on “Gossip Corner Junction of Sheffield Road & Bridge Street

  1. My grandparents John and Taylor lived at 204 Sheffield Road , Killamarsh which is the house on the left of the four houses opposite “gossip corner”. I also lived there with my mother from 1956 until 1966 ( off and on). We had previously lived at 45 Sheffield Road , next door to the Primary School.

  2. Donna I have lots of photographs of him but none of the house – also pieces I have written about 1940s Christmas at Gannow etc and I’m still researching. I could send to you. Would love to know what the house is like now (have seen the outside on the web) – the site was much bigger with a stunning walled garden.

    • Hi Carole .. Would love to talk to you .. Would love to see the piece you’ve wrote and you’d be more than welcome to a tour of the house. Are you not local? We have been rennovating it since the summer very sympatheticly , it’s been very neglected for many years but we adore it and just had our 1st Christmas here. We’ve had it back to the brick as original. All the land was sold I believe in the 60’s and is now surrounding by houses from that era. Some out buildings remain but derelict, a laundry room and a stable.
      A room upstairs baffles me and what it was used for ., a thin corridor of a room next to the main bedroom , it has a window / door! Can you remember what it was?
      Contact andysowls@aol.com and we can swap numbers ..:)
      Look forward to speaking to you x

  3. Hi Carole .. I live there now ,. Amazing place but needs a lot of restoration.. Would you have any photos of your grandfather? Would love to find out as much as possible about the house plus the previous owners x

  4. Are there any other memories of my grandfather Arthur Hayes and his second wife Mabel at Gannow House in the ’30s and’40s? I spent a lot of time there as a child – the house was very different.

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