6 thoughts on “2,200 lb bomb found on Meadowgate Open Cast Coal site – exploded November 27th 1977

  1. During the Sheffield blitz my dad (Bill Hipkiss) and I were fire watching on Barbers Lane and heard two bombs fall, but no explosions. Dad reported it and the next day the army bomb disposal attended and took away one bomb. They said there was no second bomb – what we had heard was a ground echo. Thirty years later this bomb was found.

  2. I was 14 years old and lived on station road, we was told to stay indoors and open a window as we was directly in line. It exploded around 4pm and shook the windows,and all our ornaments fell to the floor it was scary but exciting the blast was deafening. But we still got to watch Dr Who on telly lol…Bev

  3. I was working there in the same area at the time the bomb was dug up,it was only a few feet deep, buried nose down in the sub-soil and not far away from the backs of the houses on Sheffield road,it was detonated on the Saturday evening in the deepest part of the site which was at the Beighton end…Paul

  4. When this bomb was detonated I watched a large window wave & return to its former shape with no long lasting effects. Walls that had been freshly plastered became cracked after a few days. It was a frightening experience & I was at home in Stanley Street when we heard the explosion from down in “The Meadows.”
    Pleased I did not live through the war & I can only guess what my relatives endured during the air-raids.

    Alan Armstrong.

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