The Travellers Rest, Mansfield Road. With the kind permission of J31.

6 thoughts on “The Travellers Rest, Mansfield Road. With the kind permission of J31.

  1. hi roger, i phoned my sister about the travellers,but she could not remember. yesterday i bumped into sandra wood coming from the doctors.i was just going. she comfirmed the landlord was coleman.she used to play with the daughter.she did tell me her name. i have forgotten her excuse is i am 71. i never did know the son. i remember slightly the daughter. mick.

  2. hi roger, i do not know when we moved from norwood to highmoor, but i know someone who does. my sister kathryn.i cannot ask here yet as she is on holiday. i will post another comment when she is home.when we used to play cards at dinner time you would have thought frank thorpe was the landlord as he used as many pints. mick.

  3. Hi Mick
    I remember the landlord back in the late 1940’s early 50’s being Rafer ? Evans and a daughter called Muriel after that came the Coleman family who had a son George and daughter ? Very sadly “Georgie” was killed in a motor cycle accident on the Rother bridge coming into the village. We left High Moor in 1954 so don’t have info after that. I have a few family photos outside the pub going back to the 1930’s

  4. i do not remember who the landlord was at the travellers when i lived at highmoor.does anybody? mick weston.

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