9 thoughts on “Neil Emsen’s 21st Birthday Party. Photo courtesy of Neil Emsen.

  1. Sorry Folks, it was my party. Definitely JEAN she worked with Paula Hoult in the chemist. They both stayed overnight in my bed. I had to sleep in the spare room.

    • Hi Keith,

      I think Keith Hodkin is correct, and it is Jean.
      As I remember Christine wore glasses, and there is a photo of her on the website

  2. The girl dancing with Derek Tesh is Jean Mallender Nee Walker she worked in Killamarsh chemist when we were at the Co op John

    • Hi David
      I thought it was Jean but couldn’t be certain. I can certainly remember Jean at the chemists.
      David, didn’t you work in the menswear with Mr Gingells or is my memory on the link?
      Where is everyone these days?

      • Hi John yes I worked in the men’s wear department with Mr Stringer Mr Burdett was the manager and you worked across the road in the beer off with Ron and Vin Mr Gingell had left before I started I have a photo of you Derek Tesh Ernest Hume and me taken at the miners camp Skegness in 1962 I will put it on the site when I get chance Regards David.

  3. Arthur & Derek on the left had photo – can’t bring the girls names to mid – anyone else know who they were?

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