3 thoughts on “Killamarsh Brass Band. Photo courtesy of Peter Lewis Walker.

  1. I was lucky enough to have played electric bass with the Savanah Dance Band from about 1977, I was with them for a couple of years. Keith was the drummer at that time and we played Dinnington Lyric regularly and many other venues. I have fond memories of Eric, Sam, Ernest, Aubrey, John and Keith. Carl Shimwell lived near me at Aston and introduced me to the band. I also remember the wives who attended all of the bookings. Happy times!
    Peter Cornell

  2. Front row left to right:
    Michael Walton, ? ,John Drackett, Sam Hollinsworth, Ted Barker, Cal Shimwell, Ian Fox, Percy Nicholls, Eric Walker, ? , Reg Severns.
    Back row left to right:
    ? , Ike Gay, Ron Grace, Jimmy Maloney, Les Barker, ? ,? ,Lol Bright, John Shimwell, ? , ?, Baden Hagen, ? , Herbert Davey.

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