I have recently had mentioned to me some of the words we use in Killamarsh, which people in other areas say they have never heard of and don’t know the meaning of.

Below are a few that have been suggested to me.  Can you add any to the list (give the word and what it means) – I am sure there are many more.  If you have any words you can add, just put them on the Memory Bank 

Wash t’ pots                           Wash the dishes

Mash                                       Make a pot of tea

Put wood int t’hole                  Close the door

Supwiyo                                  What’s wrong with you

Badly                                        Not well, ill

Chuck                                      Throw

Fast                                         Stuck

Nesh                                       Someone who feels the cold

Snap                                       Food

Tabs                                        Ears

Spice                                      Sweets

Gennel                                   Passage through houses (i.e. a terrace)

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