August the 4th 2014 was the Centenary of the start of World War I.

Killamarsh Heritage Society have been working with the three schools and also with Killamarsh cubs on work relating to this event.
As part of our work with them the children produced artwork and written work which was exhibited in the Methodist Church in Killamarsh during July and up to the 4th of August.
The work was wonderful and the children should be really proud of themselves
In addition to the artwork, the children of Class 4/5 W at Killamarsh Junior School gave us poems relating to the soldiers in World War I and also wrote notebooks about the War.  Class 5 at Killamarsh Junior School produced a diary written from the perspective of a soldier who fought in the war.  Everyone who read the children’s work was really moved by it.

The children in the schools came in to see the exhibition as did many members of the public.  Those who came to see the exhibition were really impressed with the standard of work produced by the children of the village.

Below are some photographs showing the exhibition:

The KHS Poppy Exhibition to mark the Centenary of World War I- 4th August 2014.  See note below.

Above:  The display from 1st Killamarsh Brownies

The KHS Poppy Exhibition to mark the Centenary of World War I - 4th August 2014.  See note below.

Above:  The work of 1st Killamarsh Guides

Danielle and Megan Back at the KHS Poppy Exhibition to mark the centenary of World War I.  See note below.

Above:  Danielle and Megan Beck with work from Killamarsh Junior School

Megan Beck at the KHS Poppy Exhibition - July-August 2014.  See note below.

Above:  Megan Beck with the work she produced at Killamarsh Junior School

Poppy Exhibition - Work by Killamamrsh Cubs and St Giles School

Above:  Top – the work of Killamarsh Cubs             Below – the work of St Giles School

Lee Rowley with Janet Jackson 2

Above:  Janet Jackson (member of Killamarsh Heritage Society) with Lee Rowley, the Conservative Candidate for North East Derbyshire who visited the exhibition.

Poppy Exhibition - Poppy Competition winners from St Giles School

Above:  A selection of poppies from St Giles School, Killamarsh

Natascha Engel at Poppy Exhibition

Above:  Natascha Engel, MP for North East Derbyshire visits the exhibition on 4th August 2014

Poppy Exhibition - Poppies by Killamarsh Infants School

Above:   Poppies from Killamarsh Infant School

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