Nether House Farm, Quarry Road. First mentioned in 1599. Photo courtesy of V. Hopkinson.

4 thoughts on “Nether House Farm, Quarry Road. First mentioned in 1599. Photo courtesy of V. Hopkinson.

  1. I can remember in the 1950’s & 60’s that there was a family of Leahs living in a cottage at the top of Nethermoor Lane pretty much opposite the Steelmelters Pub. There was Mrs Leah, and 2 sons; Ronny, who worked at Glover’s Flour Mill as it was (Now Page Feeds) and Gordon, who I think worked at Kiveton Pit. Gordon used to help out at Nether House Farm during harvest times etc. There was a footpath which ran alongside their cottage, across the fields towards the farm, where it met up with another footpath running from Sheffield Road up to the canal bridgewhich I am fairly sure was known as Leah’s Bridge.

    Nether House Farm was known locally as Leah’s farm, Quarry Farm or Rutter’s as they were the farming family running it in the 1950’s and 60’s, and George Leah and George Hardy (who was the village postman) lived in part of the big house, Rutter’s lived in the smaller house and part of the big one.

    Quarry Lane was known locally as Leah’s Lane, but I have never heard of Sheffield Road being called Leah’s Lane.

    As is has been many years since I went up Netherthorpe Lane, I have just looked at the area on Google Earth, and was amazed to see how the area has changed.

  2. Mark’s father was Humphrey Leah who was a farmer and I think this was his farm house. Mark had a sister Susannah who married George Turner who was my great grand father.
    Please get in touch and we can swap stories.

  3. I am just researching the Leah family from Killamarsh for my brother in law who’s mother was Henrietta Leah. I do know that theLleah’s were a farming family and they also had a farm on Netherthorpe lane across from The Steelmelters Arms Killamarsh. Henrietta Leah gre up in the Netherthorpe Lane farm and her father was Mark Leah and her mother Ellen Hewitt. I think the farm mentioned above was owned by Mark Leah’s brothers or cousins at one time George Leah and Humphrey Leah.
    George Leah and his wife Mary Ann Radford lived there in 1911 (see census) I think there father Samuel Leah had it before them in 1861.
    If you go onto and look up probate and Wills you will see that George Leah and Hannah Mary Leah both lived there when their Will’s went to probate.
    I think the farm may also have been known as Limbs farm in one of the census although this may have meant to say Leah’s.
    Also in the 1891 census Sheffield Rd in Killamarsh was also known as Leah’s Lane.

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