We have received an email from Roslyn Tucker.  If anyone can give Roslyn any information please contact us by emailing or telephone 0114 2484812 and we will pass it on to her.

Many thanks.


My Name is Roslyn Tucker and I live in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. My Mother was Edith Newton, she was married to John Fredrick Newton for some years before being divorced. I think Mum lived on Jubilee Cresent in the 30s ,40s. Mum was born in Sheffield 1917 , her parents Joe and Elizabeth Vardy. In the late 40s Mum moved away from Killamarsh to make Sydney Australia her home.She married again and had 3 children, I’m the daughter. Mum lived for the last 60 years in Australia before her death in 2013, aged 95.

I’m looking for some information on my Mum and her life in Killamarsh.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Many Thanks








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