6 thoughts on “Westthorpe Colliery event. Can anyone give any names. Photo courtesy of Joss Pearson.

  1. Back row – 7th from the right in a fawn suit is my father, Derrick Thorpe. They used to say that he and my uncle Albert (Smash) only had one pair of boots between them, so when one was at work the other wasn’t πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Back row left to right 1 harold clark 4 eric burdet. 6 erick neal 10 harry page 11 sid smith 12 les bergin 14 jhon smith 16 ken gregory 18 tomy doxey 2nd row left to right 2 harrold frogot 6 joe russion 9 eric. MillingtoN 3 rd row left to right 5 bernard wood 18 fred rotheram info from fred rotharam

  3. Second row down 3rd from left Mr Froggat next to him on his left is Dennis Oldfield. Sharon Barber nee Cullabine

  4. my dad david beedham on this middle row 3 rd one to the right at civic centre eckington getting their Davy lamps

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