3 thoughts on “Westhorpe Colliery pit yard in the 1980s.

  1. can anyone help me out here i have been here since 1975 an westhorpe was always spelt with one t but now people are spelling it with 2 tt if it was 2tt it would be separate words so we now have signs with both on up and down westhorpe pit was one t . help

  2. Canteen. Payroll office – Blacksmiths – Joiners – Telephone exchange – many double shifts covering weekends and bank holidays. One ‘panic’ moment – fan tripped out – alarms going off everywhere! Monty Batty to the rescue!!

    Not particularly happy – but certainly interesting and memorable times!

  3. I can well remember this pit when on my travels repairing earth moving machinery. The Coles Crane jib in the background was on one of the machines to repair & service. The pit top men / drivers were among the finest I have worked with.
    Great days never to return!

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