3 thoughts on “Westfield School Sixth Form Prefects 1967-68. See names below. Photo courtesy of Roy Middleton.

  1. Prefects grouped in houses. Think this is Ferrers and ?
    Top row far right is Michael Ferguson.
    Middle row 1 Joe Northwich, 4 Barbara King, 10 Ronald Boot
    Front row 3 Doreen Mather

  2. Staff names: centre of front row – F.R.Rollinson (headmaster)
    on his right is Les Davies (head of P.E.
    on his right is ?

  3. Westfield School Sixth Form Prefects 1967/68.
    Killamarsh pupils pictured are:
    Back row from left: 3. Wyndham Arblaster, 5. Peter Darker, 6. David Mantle, 8. Michael Reid, 9. Tim Stevens.
    Middle row from left: 5. Jackie Stevens, 11. Roy Middleton.
    Front row from left: 9. Janet Hartley, 10. Susan Milner.

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