5 thoughts on “Killamarsh Shop

  1. I;ve just noticed on this photo the pavement is level with the road.It’s not like that now the road stand’s above the pavement.I wonder how many times it has been relaid since this picture was taken.The two end houses were origionally one and I was once told the row is about 300 yrs old.The shop was 206 not 210 as I previously said.How money has changed too my mother in law was offered both houses for £300 in 1960 by the then owner a Mrs Haigh.2 up & 2 down with a very narrow staircase.Only a geyser for hot water but the warmest cosiest room’s when the coal fire was lit.Happy memories.Janet

  2. The old gentleman is my husband Roy Jackson’s granddad Fred Coleman.His grand ma Edith Coleman ran the shop till she was 84 and scrubbed the stone floor every night till the day she retired.She died in 1958 aged 86.Her only daughter and her family lived next door at number 208 the shop was number 210.Janet Jackson

  3. I lived at number 1 Sheffield Road from 1931 to 1949, I used to shop at Mrs Coleman’s sweet shop. She was a lovely old lady

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