Killamarsh Secondary School. Mr Reid and prefects. Back row second left Jimmy Batterham 3rd left Jill Armstrong. Can you give the year.

21 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary School. Mr Reid and prefects. Back row second left Jimmy Batterham 3rd left Jill Armstrong. Can you give the year.

    • Well well fancy coming across that name after all these years . Mogg Morris. You hated the name Mogg but Im afraid it stuck just like mine Sam Hall

        • I certainly do Roy , always amazed me how you wore glasses then took them off to play football and could actually play OK. I wear glasses now & can see next to nothing without them Roy . People always tend to remember their school days I know I do & its 52 yrs ago mate

            • Sorry Roy not on Facebook don’t do social media stuff , tweeting nonsense & the like. Do you still live in Killamarsh (don’t think many old scholars do).I know a few do , Stephen Cartwright , Evan Davies & I think Kenny Revitt & Keith Bailey (all yr older than you).
              Lynne Mullins still lives in Killamarsh spoke to her briefly in Asda , C Peaks

              • Hi Sam, I have been in Lincoln since 1976. I’m in touch with Killamarsh boys, David Brookfield, David Mantle, Keith Nicholls, Phillip Slack, Allan Dopson, Mick Batty, Ray Peat, Jimmy Batterham, Kenneth Hames, Terry Wombell and Tim Stevens. I think Keith Nicholls used to live near to you in Killamarsh. Take care, R

                • Hi Roy
                  Keith Nicholls (Pin) & his older brother David were my next door neighbours.We used to play together as kids along with Mogg Morris & Alan Walker.Pin was a year younger than me.Great childhood days that by today’s standards would be classed as barbaric bordering on child cruelty with all parents punishing their kids by smacking , cane or belt & nobody even bothered ,it was what happened it was the norm. Even taking the punishment factor into account .I wouldn’t swap my childhood days at Killamarsh.On reflection corporal though unpleasant at the time did no long term damage at all. In the long run I think it helped us value right from wrong and make us better people
                  My son is Head of Maths at a school in Doncaster (A good school achievement wise) but the behaviour levels and lack of respect towards teachers are appalling,they swear at teachers . Imagine swearing at our teachers, Reid Hind Thornton Rawson Ellen Reynolds Stokes you wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a week and wouldn’t dare tell your parents why you’d been punished for fear of getting further punishment from them . GOOD OLD DAYS
                  Take it easy Roy
                  UP THE BLADES

                  • Hi Sam
                    This is Keith Dopson, Ihave just read the above and couldn’t agree with you more about respect, I was a school governer at what is now Birley Campus in the 90s and couldn’t believe what teachers were having to put up with, I always thought you would go on to become a professional footballer, we should have won the league that year

                  • Hi Keith Dopson
                    I remember you & Allan (Ben).You were a year older than me,Corky’s year.If I remember correctly you played half back in school team wearing the number 6 shirt, decent schoolboy footballer.Large family from the Old Norwood estate,all good people.

                  • Hi Sam.this is Les Laycock .I was a year older than you and in the next year up like Keith Dopson, I lived up the road on the other side from you next door to Judith Mead if you can remember, I’m still there in the same house, It’s nice to here you still alright. It’s not same on the road now there’s been a lot of changes over the last 50 years. ok for now Sam, it might be ages before you get round to seeing this.

                  • Hi Les Laycock
                    I remember you well & the exact house where you live. About a yr ago l saw you in the Crown one Sat night & put a name to the face straight away. I said to the woman I was with “That’s Les Laycock , I lived on same estate & went to same school” . You’ve not changed that much. I was going to say Hello but didn’t want to feel foolish in case you didn’t know me.I’m bald now with glasses but l think I’m still recognisable to people with decent memories . Proper OAPs now Les , I’m 70 & your 71

      • Didn’t mind it – I try to call my 14 year old son it but he resists!
        I suppose I had mixed feelings because as kids I was called Moggy Mouse because I was [still am!] small. But now we know that Moggy meant cat!

        • I always knew a moggy was a cat . Never could grasp why you were nicknamed Mogg . Mind you Dogger Booth nicknamed me Sam for no apparent reason . Strange world eh

  1. I can put some of the names to this photograph but I’ll leave it to our followers at the moment. Are you on the photograph, do you know the name of anyone who is?

    • Hi pat.
      I think this is a photograph of the school prefects school year 1964/65.
      Some of them I know here is my list
      Back row
      Joan Barker, Jimmy Batterham, Jill Armstrong, James Whitely, June Jackson, ???
      Front row
      Beryl Limb, Steve Cartwright, Brenda Limb, R.H.( paddy)Reid,
      Stephen Hall,???, ???

        • Youve filled in gaps correctly Jenno . You did good to get the names because you were a yr above & would have left when photo was taken . Im on the photo next to Paddy , cant believe you gave me ??? especially as you sometimes made the same football team. Didnt know this site existed , came accross it by chance

        • Apologies Jenno you didn`t give me ?? it was for girl next to me . She is Margaret Lowe . You have an excellent school days memory

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