3 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary School 1963. See note below. Photo courtesy of Ros Tyas (nee Wardley)

  1. Wow mind boggler for me . This was the days of the A B & C classes this is class B I got Revitt Crosby Hallam Longdon Warnes Barlow Jackson Wardley Oscroft Smith Watson. When I read the names I remembered the lot , cant believe I didnt get Rutland

  2. Names given:
    Back row (left to right): Kenneth Revitt, John Burke, Roger Rutland, Ian Crosby, David Hallam, George Longden Brian Wheelhouse, David Warnes, David Barlow.
    Centre row (left to right):: Donald Senior, Sheila Spencer, June Jackson, Kath Taylor, Maureen Shimwell, Sandra Wardley, Barbara Arther, Alan Locke.
    Front row (left to right): June Bird, Rosamund Wardley, Linda Oscroft, Carol Smith, Lesley Hagin, Linda Baldwin, Wendy Lane, Jacki Watson.

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