17 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary Modern School – approx 1953. Photo courtesy of Astrid North.

  1. Just looked at photo and names, the girl sat behind Mr Rawson/Bolsover is
    Valerie Askey. The lad named as Derick Hatfield is Jeff his younger brother.
    The girl behind Ron I think is Edna Wardley.

  2. Is it possible for a Better/Perfect Copy of this photograph to be put on here as it is very interesting? This one appears to be a photocopy/inferior scanned version and is not very clear, has lines etc. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion. Take care …

  3. The person on the left of the front row is John Newton from Halfway. Now living in Darley Dale. The person between Ken Liddelow and Keith Mallender is Desmond Mallaband from Halfway.

  4. This photograph sat on top of Jean’s parent’s piano for almost fifty years so we have lived our lives with the pleasure of seeing all of us frozen in time from thirteen to fourteen years old for all time.There are one or two names i can’t bring to mind anymore but here goes.Back row,David Batty,Eileen Burton,Mavis Russ,Tony Mallinder,can,t recall, Ann Lee, Crystal Popple,Grace Greaves.Next row,Derek Hatfield,Terry Mead,Peter Savage,George Richardson,Reggie Bestall,Dennis Hagen,Ronnie Marshall,can’t recall,Brian Arblaster,Donald Wooley,Mrs Briggs.Next row,Mr Seston,Margaret Goodlad,Peter Goldthorpe,Graham Dobson,Rita,Morris,Janet Laycock,Mary Draycot,Jean Thornelow,Christine Batty,Margaret Shinwell,Jean Hale,Pamela Headworth,can’t recall,Irene Goodwin,Mary Lambert.Next row,Tich Newton,Ken Liddelow,can’t recall,Keith Middleton,Mr Smith,Mr Bolsover,Mr,Rawson,Keith Burdett,Ann Morris,Janet Gascoine,Next row,can’t recall,Stuart Grove,Michael Walton,can’t recall.

    • Four lads front row on the floor, right to left Norman Hallam, Michael Walton Stewart Groves.Last lad not sure about, could have been called Newton.Does this stir any memories. Ron M.

    • Hi Pete you have a better memory than I have thank’s for filling in some of the blank’s.did I get the year right 1956-57.Janet Jackson nee Gascoigne

    • Hi Pete I have just had conversation with Mick Batty and told him to look at this photo.He didn’t know about it and I wondered if he could fill in the rest of the blank’s.It was orchestra and choir members I think but where is Mick.I don’t know if you know but he play’s with THE PAST MASTERS.He is a brilliant sax and clarionet player.If you haven’t heard him lately check him out on there web site.Nice to hear another one of us is still around.Janet

      • I knew a Mick Batty from Killamarsh, sax / clari player. Have played with him. He lived on Rotherham Road ( locally known as Norwood Lane )
        Did not know him from school, I went to what was Eckington Grammar School. (Demolished after Comprehensive education was introduced)
        Should you see this Mick – get in touch. Regards to Elaine. I have photos in my collection. Chris Rowbotham.
        TEL.01553 841762

  5. Keith Middleton is on the Second Row Up, Fourth From The Left. I/We have never seen this before. Thanks for posting!

  6. Yes Jennifer it is me.
    Is that David Batty first left back row? Crystal Popple second right back row. Could be Tony Jennings next to back row second right.

  7. Calling Ron Marshall.Hi Ron is the cool looking guy in the black polo and jacket in the middle of this picture you.I think it might be and Dennis Hagin To your right.Janet Jackson

  8. Hi Kieth finely found a Tich I recognise.Mr Seston headmaster far left.Little Mr Smith Mr Bolsover Mr Rawson middle Mrs Briggs far right.Front row seated from right me Janet Gascoigne Anne Morris Kieth Burdett with the violin.First four standing behind us from right.Mary Lambert Irene Baumforth Audrey Weelhouse and Pam Headworth.All maiden names.First two row’s were school orchestra members.Janet Jackson nee Gascoigne

  9. Well I have just found my eldest brother Graham Dopson, 3rd row from the front and the third person from the left, I can recognise a few more faces but I can’t remember their names, so come on guys lets have them named.

    • Hi Keith to left of Graham is Rita Morris and Janet Laycock. Stood behind him I think is Terry Mead and middle of same row with dark hair and dark blazer is Reg Bestall. As several people are wearing prefect badges we must have been in our last year around 1956. A few more faces I know but can’t remember their names. Janet

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