15 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary Modern School about 1965. See note below. Photo courtesy of Dave Brookfield.

  1. Great to see my old school friends /class after 50 plus years. Now living in North Norfolk I visit my parents regularly who still live in the old village and met David Parr the other week,we still knew each other after all this time.

    A couple of names are Jimmy Stones far right top row.
    Gary Stevens far right middle row.
    Great site and only good memories.

  2. Denise Driver , I remember her , a sweet shy school girl who had a school girl crush on me (I was older). she wouldn`t have a crush now on this bald , bearded bespectacled 67yr old bloke , but who knows LOL .

  3. I was at Killamarsh secondary modern school during the years 1960 to 1964 then went onto chesterfield college to study hairdressing!!!

    • Tony Cawkwell , Terry Adair class I think , long sandy haired girl who looked like she could beat a few of the lads up (no offence intended Josephine). I was yr below you , but I was a prefect in your last term then went on to be head boy next year

  4. The Teacher Mr V Thornton

    people I recognise are
    Back row
    Geofrey Kraznapolski, Peter Brook, Eric Harding, Graham Smith,?, Glyn Taylor, David Parr, ?
    Middle row
    Alan Neil, Roy Smith, Janet Bristow, ?,?,?,?, Terry Smith, ?.

  5. Names given: Can you fill in the gaps?

    Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, David Parr, ??
    Middle row: Alan Neil, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??
    Front row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Denise Driver, ??

    • I think the Teacher was Mr Vincent Thornton, who taught English & drama. His classroom was in the wooden hut built at the side of the playing field. Mrs Arblaster (nee Yendall) was in the other classroom.
      I left school in 1959 and Mr Thornton had been the English teacher for a few years.

    • Back Row: Gefery Crasner Polsiki, Ronnie Brooks, Eric Harding, David Brookfield, Terry Winks, Glyn Taylor, David Parr,

      Middle Row: Alan Niel, Roy Smith, Janet Bristow, Marie Wall, ???, ???, Kath Godber, Terry Smith, Gary Scott

      Front Row: Linda Templeton, June Goodwin, Terry Smith, Teacher, Wendy Cunningham, Denise Driver, Hendrika Hewsman

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