8 thoughts on “Killamarsh Endowed School about 1957-1958. See names below. Photograph courtesy of Michael Parr

  1. There is a photograph taken at the same time of the girls in the class, I had a copy but can not find it at the moment does anyone have a copy?

  2. Dear Mike, I think I know them. Second row – Peter Collins, Third row – Tommy Simpson and Graham Marsden, Front row- Brian Smith . I hope thats correct, All the best Rob

  3. This photograph has been forwarded to us by Michael Parr.

    It is taken outside the Canteen at Killamarsh Endowed School in approximately 1957.

    Back row: Michael Clarke, Haydn Fox, David Hudson, Robert Weekford

    2nd row: Geoffrey Webster, Michael Parr, ??, Alan Burdett, David Baumforth, Keith Hilton, Robert Royston

    3rd row: Paul Rotherham, Peter Dodd, ??, ??, Glynn Beedham, Michael Howe

    Front row: Roy Millington, Roger Brownlow, ??

    Any suggestions to fill the gaps please.

    • I have another version of the same photo in which the ??? between Tommy Simpson and Glyn Beedham does not have his hand over is face, I believe it is Bill Marsden

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