3 thoughts on “Killamarsh Council School – Girls C1 1923. See note below. Photograph courtesy of V. Hopkinson.

  1. Alice Batty is my Grandma, now Alice Fells, still going strong. She will be able to identify everyone in this picture however her eyesight isn’t so good anymore, but her memory is outstanding.

  2. Killamarsh Council School – Girls C1 – 1923.
    Back row: Margaret Stanley, Margaret Preston, Gladys Hipkiss, Annie Bird, Bertha Hand, ? Rhodes, Gwen Mangham, ? Emson, Phyllis Glossop, Marjorie Rhodes, ? Batty.
    Third row: Doris Simmons, Lily Simmons, Susie Wood, Margaret Barrett, Alice Batty, Dorothy Bird, Millie Battersby, Evelyn Jenkins, Lily Bembridge, Evelyn Parsons, Lily Emson.
    Second row: Miss Ford, Harriet Robinson, Emma Manchester, Grace Whitfield, Lizzie Batty, Dolly Batty, Winnie Gay, Edith Hand, Doris Glossop, Ethel Tongue, Phyllis Clark, Mona Corkhill, Elsie Whitfield, Mary Mangham, Miss Kenning.
    Front row: Phyllis Batty, Doris Whitfield, Annie Reaney, ? Batty, ? Batty, Annie Hallam, Mabel Jenkins.

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