5 thoughts on “Jubilee Crescent 50th Anniversary Reunion 1995

  1. Hello my Name is Roslyn Tucker, I live in New Zealand. My Mother, Edith Newton lived in Julibee Cresent in late 30s to 40s. She was married to a man John Fredrick Newton for a while. My Mum was born is Sheffield in 1917, her parents names were Joe and Elizabeth Vardy. My Mother passed away in 2013 at the age of 95 in New South Wales Australia, where is lived for 60 years. Hoping someone can tell me more about my Mother
    Looking forward to hearing some news

  2. the lady on the right in the white jacket is mrs newton, she lived on the wimpy in killamarsh.

  3. 3 Members of my family are in this photo. Bottom Left, my mother, Hilda Mantle. Above my mother, Shelia Adams nee Mantle. Next to Shelia, Margaret Wood nee Mantle.

  4. Front row right, lady sat down. Doris Young formerly Cramp nee Dixon, Great Aunt. March 1912- January 2010, Born Sheffield Road, Killamarsh.
    Back row 4th from right, next to man. Joan Deakin nee Dixon, Great Aunt.
    Lady behind Doris. June Smith nee Barker. 1st cousin 1x removed.

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