6 thoughts on “Fred Gascoigne with horses and cart at Westhorpe Hall Farm. Photo courtesy of V. Hopkinson.

  1. Just wanted to add to my comment young uncle Fred was the one who rented Westhorpe farm and there is a little more information in a little booklet I wrote about my childhood in Greenlane.You can bye it from the heritage society and the money goes to their funds.You may find it interesting but if you don,t the cost will have gone to a good cause.

    • Hi Janet, thank you for your reply. I have been sorting through photos that we found in the house when uncle Leslie died in December. We are sure they are connected to the Gascoigne family with Leslie being Fred Gascoigne son. My dad has been saying he would like to contact you to see if you can identify anyone on them. I study the family history and would love to know more. Best wishes Helen. ( Susan and David Nicholls daughter). Xxx

      • Hi Helen now I know who you are never realised we were relatives I would love to see old family photos and hopefully may be able to recognise some.I’m not in phone book so will keep checking this site and arrange to meet.Hope Chris is well long time since we were all in Debenhams.Janet

        • Hi Janet, I could tell you hadn’t realised it was me. Yes we are definitely related.. I didn’t know until I started researching the family history. My email address is helenn1971@yahoo.co.uk if you want to drop me a line on there I can pass on phone numbers and then we can arrange a get together. Would love to hear more and find out who are on the photos I have. If you want to let me have your email address I can invite you to my ancestry tree, and then you can view our family history. Dad says you can pop in anytime. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope you and yours are well.xx

  2. This would be old uncle Fred my granddad’s brother.It was probably taken in the late 40’s.I used to help him deliver milk with the pony & trap and spent many happy hour’s at the farm.So you have also found a possibly unknown relative aswell.I was Janet Gascoigne before I was married.

  3. Can anyone give me a date for this photo please. Fred Gascoigne was my uncle, but there were two Fred Gascoignes and I would like to know which one this could be. Many thanks.

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