7 thoughts on “Football team 1948-49 Can anyone give more information

  1. Further to my previous comments I believe Ronnie Ward played as a semi professional for Worksop Town F.C. & John Bull played as a half back for Mosbro’ Trinity F.C.
    Mr. Martin or ‘Bob’ Martin as he was known locally lived in Queen Street Mosborough.

  2. Ronnie Ward is the goalkeeper who also played for N.E. Derbyshire & England Under 15 Boys.
    Instead of playing professional football he along with John Bull worked as bricklayers for Wm. Drabble & Sons in Mosborough.

  3. Left to right
    Mick Gibbons Bob Martin Ron Ward Horace Bacon Mr Seston Sammy Johnson
    Bottom row
    John Bull Willis Thickett Peter Royston Grayson Barker Eric Thorpe

  4. Is the teacher second on the left at the back is it Bob Martin Geography teacher? it reminds me of him.

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