10 thoughts on “Cats Arch at top of Nethermoor Lane

  1. I remember my dad ( Vic Green) taking this picture of me walking through the arch, back in the 1970s. I even remember what I was wearing, very 70s boho chic ! M&S brown linen smock dress and Scholl suede clogs.

    • It would seem that I owe you an apology – I am sure that you looked very nice in your outfit. Not just any outfit – but an M&S outfit!!

    • I remember your dad used to work at was Marrison and Catheralls I remember the bridge found it a bit spookey having the old scap yard on either side.

  2. nobody else seems to remember the bookies at the top of the cats arch or will they not say. i use william hill at eckington now.so at 71 i have not learned my lesson. mick weston.

  3. I used to walk through here with my Grandad (Sydney Jones) when I was small on the way to see his friend (Jock Adair), we would call to each other to listen to the echo.

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