3 thoughts on “Can anyone give information on this photograph. See note below. Photo courtesy of Jill Armstrong.

  1. The top row, second from the right is without doubt my grandma, Hilda Davidson. I emigrated to Canada and was unfortunately unable to make it back for her funeral. She will live on forever in my heart and memories. Love you Nannan. James XXX

  2. Back row: Jessie Armstrong, Vera Hartley, Hilda Davidson, Doris Watson
    Front Row: Ida Mallender, Hilda Leah, Tina Levers, Ethel Burgess, Hazel Wild.

    The photograph was taken around 2000 of the ladies who served the tea and toast at the Methodist chapel on Market Day on Thursdays. It wasn’t taken for a particular reason, – only by a regular customer trying out his camera.

  3. Can you give any information about this photograph.

    Names suggested :

    Back row (left to right): Jessie Armstrong, ??, Hilda Davison, ??
    Front row (left to right): Ida Mallender, Hilda Lear?, Ethel Burgess?, ??

    Can anyone confirm the names or fill in the gaps please?

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