Killamarsh Secondary Modern School Play – 1954. SEE NOTE BELOW. Press cutting courtesy of Mrs J. Rivington.

3 thoughts on “Killamarsh Secondary Modern School Play – 1954. SEE NOTE BELOW. Press cutting courtesy of Mrs J. Rivington.


    At the Killamarsh Secondary Modern School Hall on Wednesday, and again last night, the scholars gave two plays. The productions were “Michael”, a one act play by Miles Malleson from a Russian story by Tolstoy and “The Charcoal Burner’s Son” from the book by L. Du Garde Peach. Taking part in “Michael” were David Bancroft, Hazel Dixon, Marie Bower, Dennis Wall, Brian Rivington, Leslie Hadfield, Sheila Wallker, Wendy Goodwin and Margaret Goodlad. Others concerned were Mr D. Kennedy, producer; G. Wade, stage manager; L. Wood, wardrobe; and Mr D. Kenny, decor.
    In the cast of “The Charcoal Burner’s Son” were, David Lane, Pamela Fleet, Norman Hallam, Ronald Marshll, Eileen Burton, Barry Smith, Dennis Hagin, Reginald Destall, Terry Newton, Peter Savage, Brian Thompson, Donald Woolley, Keith Burdett, John Hume, Kenneth Liddelow, Terry Mead, Mary Lambert, Anne Morris, Crystal Popple, Jean Thornelow, Ann Vaughan, Gillian Vaughan, Valerie Askey, Mary Drakett, Irene Godwin, Jean Hale, Edith Hume, Pamela Headworth, Mavis Russ, Evelyn Scott, Maureen Smith, Christine Batty, Mary Cawthorne, Kathleen Large, Anne Lee, Stuart Grove and Michael Walton.
    Behind the scenes were Miss F.W. Davis, producer; Mr H.R. Smith, G. Taylor and M. Booth, set and lighting; G. Wade, stage manager; L. Wood, wardrobe mistress; and D. Hardy, make-up.
    Music was provided by the School Orchestra augmentewd by member of the Killamarsh Orchestra, doncuted by Mr J.R. Bolsover, with Mr H.R. Smith as leader and D. Hardy as the pianist.

    • I recognised a number of names from my Infant School days before I when to Eckington Grammar School in September 1954.

      • Is J Rivington linked to Rivington’s Shop at 43 Bridge Street in the 1950s? I used to live at 49 Bridge Street until 1954.

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