One thought on “Bunkers Hill – circa 1938. Photo courtesy of Mrs D. Bower.

  1. I lived at No1 Bunkers Hill until I was 6, the house was back to back, no bathroom and the toilet was up the garden. My dad kept chickens up the hill. I remember at that time Nelly Marrison (sister of Cliff Marrison) lived behind, next door for a time was a family called Pinder who had a son called David. They moved to South Emsall near Pontefract and Arthur Bennett and his family replaced them. Next door but one was George Mallinder and his wife, she was a little scary but harmless, she taught me how to make paper boats out of newspaper. Our house was demolished to make way for widening Ashley Lane, which never happened, and the buttress that you see now is where our front room was. We moved to the prefabs from there. Names l remember are the Gillots, Revitts, Harvey Stokes ( where did he go?) Alan Roper, Shirley and Yvonne Baker, and more.

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