3 thoughts on “Aerial View of HighStreet and Norwood c1969. Courtesy of Neil Emsen

  1. The left photograph was taken over the Delves. In id-ground the church can be seen. The lighter area is the then new housing between primary school and canal. Sheffield Road can seen behind as can Rotherham Road and the two Norwood estates.

  2. Aerial view of High Street and Norwood.

    Details from Sgt Neil Emsen’s logbook:

    Date: 17 May 1971
    Type: Whirlwind HAR 10
    Reg No: XP 299
    Pilots: Flt Lt G-William/ P Off Hopkirk
    Crewman: Sgt Emsen
    Route: RAF Wittering – Low Flying in Area 8 – RAF Finningley – Low Flying in Area 8 – RAF Wittering
    Flight Time: 2 hours 55 minutes.

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