A Cooper’s Tour. See names below. Photo courtesy of Janet Walker (nee Wells).

4 thoughts on “A Cooper’s Tour. See names below. Photo courtesy of Janet Walker (nee Wells).

  1. Hi Janet you won’t know me but I was Janet Gascoigne before I married and your dad and mine were cousins. I also knew your mum and dad when we all used to go dancing at the leisure centre. What fun we had learning new dances and sometimes arguments that always ended up with everyone laughing because we couldn’t get the steps. Well we could but not always in the right order. I do keep in touch with your uncle Ron who also went to the dances and a couple of weeks ago I went over to see him celebrate his 90th birthday. Him and Doris both look well for their age and still go dancing a couple of times a week though Ron doesn’t dance much now. His 2 daughters were there and we went for a nice lunch. There is a photo of him on the web site from 1932 when he was at school and if you want to see it post a message and I will tell you where to look. I’m not sure if your dad is on the same picture though. I do recognise a lot of the faces on your photos but can’t remember their names. I don’t doubt somebody will look and come up with them. Keep in touch via the site we are always interested when someone who has left Killamarsh has found our website and sends us information. Janet Jackson (nee Gascoigne)

  2. A Cooper’s Tour to Torquay.

    Back row: Any names please?
    Middle row: ??, ??, Mr Mallender, Mr Patterson, Eric Walker, Stan Wells, Mr Smedley, Mrs Smedley.
    Front row: ??, ??, ??, Mrs Jones, Linda Illsley, Marian Wells.

    Can you fill in any of the gaps.

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