We have recently added to the History section of the website an article about Killamarsh Forge which was forwarded to us by Killamash resident John Jennings.

We have now added to the All Our Stories section an article by Jean Shipp and her sisters about living in the Lock Cottage at Norwood during their childhood.  Jean now lives in Ollerton.

Ron Marshall is keeping us supplied with the stories of his childhood on Station Road near to the Killamarsh Central station and these also appear in the All Our Stories section.

Ron Gee, who lives in Sidcup in Kent, but was evacuated to Killamarsh during World War II, has sent us an article about the buses in the area at that time, which we have featured on our All Our Stories section.

We would like to thank Jean, Ron, John and Ron for their articles and for allowing us to include them on the website.

A lot of our supporters are putting their memories and comments on our Memory Bank and underneath the photographs in the Photo Gallery and these are really appreciated.  We are delighted to see that Killamarsh people who have moved to other parts of the UK and also several overseas countries have joined us and are putting messages on our website.

However, if anyone would like to put together a longer article about their memories of growing up in Killamarsh, be it your time at school, the games you played, how you spent your summer holidays, did you go away on holiday and if so where to, what did you like or dislike about living in Killamarsh when you were young.

Or you may wish to let us know what Killamarsh was like as you got older, did you work in the viillage, or did you travel to work elsewhere, what entertainment was available, what type of shops did Killamarsh have, what was the medial care like, what was the community spirit like.

Or you may think of other things you remember which you could tell us about.

Did you work at Westthorpe Colliery or High Moor Colliery.  They are no longer there but we should not just allow them to disappear from memory.

Do you feel that Killamarsh has changed and if so for the better or worse.

We would like to gather as many memories as we can for our All Our Stories project which will be kept for future generations so that the history and heritage of the village is not lost.

We would like to hear from any age group – even the children/teenagers now will have memories and in years to come their memories will be our history.

Perhaps you could get together a small group of great grand parent, grand parent, and grandchildren so that they can exchange memories.

We will also be recording people’s memories to be kept digitally.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to take part in this project.

You can record your memories by writing them down for us, or if you live locally we can arrange to record you on video or on audio.

We do hope you will be able to help us with this project as we feel it is important to preserve and record the history and heritage of the village for future generations.

Don’t let our history and heritage be lost.

If you, or any of your family and friends would like to be involved please email us on secretary@killamarsh.org or telephone 0114 2484812.

Not everyone has access to the internet, especially older people.

If you know anyone who doesn’t have a computer who would like to help us, please tell them about our project and get them to contact us.

And keep all your messages and memories coming for inclusion on the website.

We really appreciate your support.




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